The other side of Sokobanja, Serbia

First of all, a big clap to me for finally being able to write another post. My apologies for bragging, but I haven’t updated for quite sometime and I feel sorry not to share all the beautiful places that I’ve been to lately. So I decided to write about  a quite famous destination (for both …

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Lost in Šabac, Serbia

So we had to go to the city of Šabac on a 7°, rainy Wednesday… where are you Mr. Sun? It’s still raining and freezing cold until now. Anyway, it was for work so I didn’t managed to take pictures of the city center or the big Sava river, or that beautiful fields of yellow …

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Food Homecooked Meals

Serbian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Sarma)

Stuffed Cabbage rolls or more popularly known as Sarma is a local Serbian dish in Serbia. There is a wide variety of recipes for sarma out there with different ingredients for the filling, different way of cooking, etc… It can also be made with fresh cabbage or sauerkraut leaves. Today, I made the vegan version of …

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Churches and Monasteries Travel

One Sunday in Ravanica Monastery

Due to it’s very strategic location, we often frequent Ravanica Monastery (Manastir Ravanica). It’s in the center of Serbia, Ćuprija to be precise, and is roughly 10 km away when you exit the highway to Ćuprija. It is not only accessible but it is also surrounded by trees and a quick getaway for a day …

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