Here in Serbia, everyone value their summer vacation. Whether it be on the beach, in spas (banja), in mountains like Zlatibor and Kopaonik, or in the village with visiting the elders of the family, we make sure that we make use of the days off from work. But aside from the long vacations, sometimes we get the privilege of having 2 or 3 days free from work and we need to go to a place where we don’t need too much time traveling to. One place where the Serbs go for a quick getaway is in Strmosten. It is strategically located in Central Serbia and only a 150 kilometer drive from Belgrade.

Strmosten is the home of the famous waterfall Veliki Buk or Lisine. And though I’m not sure how tourists started to flock to the area, it is obvious that the restaurants around the area were once homes of families who decided to share the waterfall and their yards to us. During the summer, you will feel the difference the moment you enter the waterfall complex. Thanks to the surrounding trees and the coolness of the flowing water, we can finally get a break from the scorching heat.

In the past few years, the business owners around the area still continue to improve their business, now adding more rooms to accommodate more guests. I have always wanted to spend a few days in the area but the lack of wi-fi and poor mobile reception does not permit me to do so at the moment. But, fingers crossed, maybe soon. Anyway, every time I go to Lisine I always make sure to eat lunch beside the stream of water. For me, nothing beats having lunch in nature. The fresh cold air, the view, the birds, the sound of water flowing, good food and good service. As perfect as it sounds, it really is.

There are already a number of restaurants in the area which serve Serbian food like grilled meat or fish, salads, and other delicacies like cheese and kajmak. There is also an area where there are tables for picnics and is located on the source of the waterfall.

My personal favorite is the restaurant “Vodopad Lisine”. Perhaps because they have a wider area and is closer to the water. They also offer accommodation with breakfast for an affordable price.

Whether you decide to go just for a day, a weekend or a few days, one thing is for sure… Waterfall Veliki Buk is definitely a must visit site when in Central Serbia.


  • Distance from Belgrade: 150 kms
  • Travel time from Belgrade: around 2 hours
  • Best type of transportatiom: Car
  • Things to do: Walking, Picnic, Try domestic food, Spend a few days in Nature
  • Cellular Phone reception: Weak
  • Internet: None