Starting over again…

So I took a very loooooooooong break from blogging and writing (but not from traveling) and took some time planning and redirecting this blog to it’s main purpose. I first started this blog to be able to give people a glimpse of what Serbia is all about, to introduce this place to people who haven’t even heard about it yet, to provide a little guide to people when planning to visit Serbia, to show people how fascinating it is to live in this country, and my list goes on… I am no creative writer, but I will try my best to impart to you what it’s like living local in this beautiful country. Up to this date, I am still crossing my fingers that I will be able to write more and be able to share more through this blog. So, cheers to that and and I’m hoping to capture the heart of travelers and tourists to visit MY SERBIA.


What not to miss in Vienna, Austria

Serbia, being in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, makes it easier to travel throughout Europe. With that being said, we are privileged to be have easy access to our neighboring countries. One of them is the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

Here is my list of sights and experiences not to miss in Vienna.

State Opera House: Your visit to Wien will not be complete without visiting the opera house. A treasure for the lovers of art and culture. It is advised to visit the landmark both during day and night to have a full experience of its magic.

Stephansplatz: Since the first on our list is the opera house, why not visit nearby attractions. Stephansplatz is right on the geographical center of the city. This area is stuffed with tourist attractions for everyone to visit. Stephansplatz might be crowded with tourists, but I doesn’t take away the charm of this part of the town.

Parliament Building: The same as most of Europe, the Parliament building in Vienna is something you should not miss. Whether you visit during day or you happen to pass by it during the night, both views are spectacular. As of the moment, the place is closed for renovation but photos of the exterior can still be taken as a remembrance of your trip to Vienna.

Belvedere Palace Museum: This museum is definitely not just for the art lovers. Walking through the whole place will surely awaken the artist inside you. The home to the famous painting of Gustav Klimt, “The Kiss”, tourists flock around the area to have their mandatory selfies.

Buxbaum Restaurant: No visit to any country will be complete without trying their authentic dishes. I recommend not to miss this restaurant which serves one of the best schnitzel all over vienna.

Schachtelwirt: If your not looking for something fancy and just good food, Schahtelwirt is the place o go to. Not your typical fastfood.

Vienna Naschmarkt: The last but definitely not the least in my list.. A very charming place where you can get your souvenirs and gifts. A culinary adventure is also awaiting for you in this market.

Hotel Sans Souci Wien: Certainly one of the best hotels in Austria. Maybe a bit pricey for budget travelers but definitely a treat for travelers who are into a bit more comfortable accommodation.