During the summer, a lot of tourists pass by Serbia on their way to the beaches of Greece and nearby countries. Most of the time, they get their rest in their cars parked in gasoline stations along the way and very few of them really stop by to visit some of the tourist attractions in Serbia. Since people rarely go out of the highway, it seemed like a good idea to build something interesting for tourists without them having to go out of any highway exit. On the way from to Belgrade to Niš, an ethno village was built. Ethno villages are like small towns designed and built to represent the way of living in old Serbian villages. They mostly have a few rooms/wooden cottages for accommodation and a restaurant serving authentic Serbian food. A few of them also have man-made lakes, a few farm animals, old cooking pots on display, wooden carvings, etc. They are recently popping up everywhere in Serbia and they are boosting tourism in small towns instead of just visiting the country’s capital.

Will I go back? Maybe.

Will I recommend it to tourists? Definitely. You deserve to stretch your legs in between long trips.