Due to it’s very strategic location, we often frequent Ravanica Monastery (Manastir Ravanica). It’s in the center of Serbia, Ćuprija to be precise, and is roughly 10 km away when you exit the highway to Ćuprija. It is not only accessible but it is also surrounded by trees and a quick getaway for a day of peace and quiet.

Ravanica is a 640-year old monastery that fascinates even people like me who doesn’t have even a bit of fondness with history. Surrounding the church are walls preserved from the watchtowers which were destroyed from the attacks many years ago. The remains of Serbian Prince Lazar is also buried here and can be found inside the church.

Upon entering the gates of the monastery, you will see the church and then on the left side is where you can buy candles. On the right side of the church is where you can light candles and beside it is a small souvenir shop which sells different stuff from ref magnets, some hand-made goods, home-made jams, etc… We bought a small bottle of honey for 300 rsd or around $3. And of course I have to take a photo of this embroidered cloth on top my sweet sweet honey.

A visit to Ravanica Monastery is highly recommended for a glimpse of Serbia’s rich history and a breath of fresh air from surrounding nature.