To start, this blog is already way overdue. I’m also a frequent visitor of the city of Niš which is the third largest city in Serbia. And whenever I am in the city, I never miss the chance to visit Niška Banja or the Spa of Niš which is only 10 kilometers away. Therapeutic spas are all over Serbia, each of them being famous for treating a specific condition. The spa of Niš is well-known for helping people with rheumatic disorders through it’s thermal radio-active water containing radon. People soak their feet under the warm water for relaxation and healing. 

However, the tranquility in the spa resort is meant for the healthy ones as well. As most places in Serbia, the locals are the main visitors in the spa. Mostly senior citizens sitting on benches, chatting with each other, playing instruments and people watching. During the summer vacation, then the kids start coming, practicing with their bicycles, running around and playing with each other.


So one weekend, I decided to spend a night at Niška banja. The accommodation was really affordable and you can get a decent room for around 25 euros. So I found this Hostel Zone for around that price. The room was clean and the staff was very helpful.


Among all the cities in Serbia that I visited, Niš probably has the most affordable prices when it comes to food. Here are some of my food finds in Niška banja.

This croissant is from a bakery chain in Niš. I bought this the night before for breakfast.

Another thing that I found for breakfast the next day is Mekike or fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar and some strawberry syrup. It only costs 50 Serbian Dinars.

For a 100 or 110 dinars, you can get this delicious cup of hot chocolate while soaking in the beauty of nature.